Things I Got Into Trouble For At School is a video by Plainrock124. It details all the ways he got in trouble during his classes. Almost all of the reenactments are exaggerated for comedic effect, usually ending in someone dying.


The video goes from Kindergarten to 10th Grade, and shows King getting in trouble for various things, such as not paying attention in class, jumping off the swings, or leaving a mean comment on a teacher's YouTube video.


Here is a complete list of the ways Plainrock124 got in trouble. Infractions marked with an asterisk (*) resulted in someone's life being threatened/ended.


  • Talking in class


  • Jumping off swings*

2nd Grade

  • Climbing on bathroom stall doors*
  • Spilling yogurt on paper

3rd Grade

  • Stomping on ice
  • Writing an offensive post-it note ("YOU'RE DUMB")*

4th Grade

  • Not sitting on his seat in music class

7th Grade

  • Texting in science
  • Texting in wood shop
  • Throwing a pen
  • Swearing*

8th Grade

  • Not wearing uniform
  • Disturbing the class
  • Drinking out of an opaque water bottle*
  • Talking during assembly
  • Throwing rocks*

9th Grade

  • Making fun of AIDS
  • Splashing highlighter ink on paper
  • Taking pictures on iPad

10th Grade

  • Questioning the lesson
  • Not paying attention*
  • Leaving a rude comment on a teacher of the year video*
  • Playing games on calculator
  • Throwing paper*
  • Drawing innapropriate pictures*