"But Plainrocky123, you're Asian! That means you must overachieve at everything at school!" - Plainrocky123 in I Hate Tests

Basic Information

Plainrocky123 is Plainrock124's alter-ego. He is supposed to represent a hater that doesn't know much about his YouTube channel. Because he broke his 5s and doesn't know he has a SE at the park in WELCOME TO HIGH SCHOOL.


Plainrocky123 has the same appearance as King. In other words, he looks like King.


Plainrocky123 is a dumber and more annoying version of King. He always asks questions when King explains something.


Plainrocky123 originated from someone in King's school saying "Plainrock321 sucks." King later changed the name into Plainrocky123 and said that he added the rocky part to make it sound more ridiculous. Plainrocky123 is most likely to have taken inspiration from The Nerd as they both have similar personalities. He first appeared in I Hate Tests as a person who always asks King questions. He was then hit by a school bus in SUPPORT ME ON PATREON! please... He later came back in Bored Smashing - GROCERY STORE PHONES! Episode 1 saying that he revived himself. In Bored Smashing - GROCERY STORE PHONES! Episode 2 saying that King is holding him hostage. Later in WELCOME TO HIGHSCHOOL he broke King's IPhone 5s. This was confirmed by King in HOW I BROKE MY IPHONE :( because he said, "That's what you get Plainrocky123 for hating sports." referring to the sports skit that broke the iPhone.

Likes and Dislikes