"WHERES MY GAMING PC?!?!" - PC Master Race King

Basic Information

PC Master Race King is a character used in Bored Smashing - GAMING PC?! He is used to represent how the haters react to King smashing a Gaming PC.


PC Master Race King has the same appearance as King.


PC Master Race King acts like some of the butthurt people from the comment section. He seems to be very emotional and over dramatic. He constantly rages at the fact that King broke an "expensive" computer. He also cries when King said he was smashing the graphics card. Soon after that he comments telling King to pour water on the PC implying that he wants King to kill himself. Soon after that King sneaks into his house and steals his PC, and he yells in anger as is computer is being stolen.


Most of his history is unknown.

Likes and Dislikes


  • The Gaming PC
  • Hate Comments


  • Plainrock124
  • Apple