"You could've given that to me! I don't have good things aside for my flatscreen TV, my Xbox, my PS4!" - Minecraftfanlover928 in 50 Ways To Break a Tablet

Basic Information

Minecraftfanlover928 is one of King's haters.


Minecraftfanlover928 has the same appearance as King.


Minecraftfanlover928 is a kid who loves Minecraft. He is always offended by King destroying stuff and yells at him for doing so. In multiple videos he gets angry and begs King to give him the stuff he smashed.


He first appeared in 50 Ways To Break A Tablet as one of the haters in the YouTube Comments skit. In Bored Smashing - Nokia Lumia! he is quoted in the description begging for the destroyed item. His name is revealed in the video. He appears about a year later in HOW TO GET MINECRAFT FOR 3DS where he says that he is under-aged and loves Minecraft.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Minecraft
  • Electronics
  • Minecraft handbooks


  • Plainrock124
  • Plainrock124 destroying stuff
  • Minecraft haters


  • The 928 at the end of his name is his birthday (September 2, 2008) implying that he turned 8 in 2016. This is confirmed by King in HOW TO GET MINECRAFT FOR 3DS where he admits to being 8.