The MacBook Air replaced the MacBook Pro.


The MacBook Air is a MacBook made by Apple with an aluminum build, a glowing Apple Logo on the back, and a LED-backlit display.


It replaced the MacBook. Then the MacBook Pro 2016 replaced the MacBook Air.

When King got his Macbook Air on Black Friday 2016, he wanted to get the 128GB version of the Macbook Air, but Best Buy Had sold out and he was forced to get the 256GB version.

Later, in Moving On (Macbook Air to Macbook Pro 2016) It was revealed that King has Sold the Macbook Air to his Sister, to help him upgrade to the Macbook Pro 2016. During this video, King said he brought his MacBook Air because he didn't have enough subscribers and Youtube revenue so he couldn't afford nice things and it was also the cheapest MacBook on sale on Black Friday. During the months King owned his MacBook Air he saw the largest and some say impossible growth on his channel. His MacBook Air is responsible for his growth in the YouTube community.