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This is not King's real mom.

"Aiya, King!" - King's Mom

If you are looking for King's real mom please just go to King's Family.

Basic Information

King's Mom is a character that represents King Liang's mom.


King's Mom wears an old Sea World T-Shirt that King doesn't use anymore to represent hair[1], similar to the style of Feminist Jones. In King's recent videos she normally wears a jacket or apron. She also carries around a belt most of the time.


King's Mom is supposed to be a stereotype of Asians. She would get angry at King whenever he got something lower than an A+ on his school assignments. She beats King and is also very greedy, this is shown in 50 Ways To Break A 3DS where she gives King a Stereo and Bluetooth Receiver to smash for YouTube revenue.



Likes and Dislikes


  • an A+ or higher
  • Good grades
  • Money
  • King (sometimes)
  • Beating her son
  • Chinese music
  • Justin Bieber
  • TBA


  • Anything lower than an A+
  • King (most of the time)
  • Video Games
  • CPS at her doorstep
  • Food wasters
  • Destroyed Electronics
  • Or any Electronics in General
  • People who hate Fortnite


  • She thinks that King's Apple Watch charger is a dildo.
  • "Aiya" is a phrase commonly used by Chinese people, King's mom is used as an Asian stereotype. However, she does not say "Aiya" correctly.
  • She hates people who waste food. (This is also an Asian stereotype meaning cheap and deal grabber)
  • Another stereotype is that she hates anything lower than an A.
  • She was heard in A Typical School Day. She only was in one scene though and said "Aiya KING."