This page is about the iPhone SE, for the iPhone 5s click here.

Basic Information

The iPhone SE (Also known as the iPhone Stupid Edition) is King's second iPhone, he received it after he broke his IPhone 5s. It is currently his Backup phone and secondary camera. There is no difference in appearance but instead specs.


It has the same appearance as the iPhone 5s, the only difference is that the back says SE and has matte edges instead of polished edges like the 5S. Both phones sport a aluminum Space Grey finish. It also has twice the CPU performance of the 5S. King's phone also has a signature from I. Justine.


The iPhone SE is shown to have a similar personality as the 5s as it got salty when King blamed Mario for killing Shy Guys in I HATE PAPER MARIO COLOR SPLASH. It is also shown to be smarter than King since he is the one controlling Mario.


The phone was bought by King to replace his old IPhone 5s that he broke. He currently uses it as his backup phone and his secondary camera.He bought an iPhone X and displayed it on Twitter, Later he made a Vlog and a Moving On video about switching from the SE to the X.