Basic Information

The iPhone 5s is King's first iPhone. It is sometimes used as a character and sometimes used as a prop.

The iPhone 5s was released by Apple Inc. on the 20th of September, 2013 in 10 different countries including the United States.


The iPhone has an aluminum frame and back with an Apple logo. On the front it has a glass touchscreen and a home button with Touch ID. It features a 4-inch touch screen with the resolution 640 x 1136.


The iPhone 5s tends to act frustrated at times. In Moving On... this is shown as the gets angry at King for getting a new iPhone and ends up shooting him.


King bought the iPhone sometime during April. He used the iPhone in Bored Smashing - Clocks! (iPhone 5s Slo-Mo Test) to test the slow motion camera. He later got the Flip Mino HD as his secondary camera as the two were used as camera.

During the video HOW I BROKE MY IPHONE :( he revealed that he broke it filming WELCOME TO HIGH SCHOOL. He also mimicked a hater saying, "Plainrocky123 that's what you get for hating sports."

Then he got the iPhone SE in Moving On... and revealed the iPhone would be his secondary camera and that he would be ditching the Flip Mino HD. In COMING SOON - 50 Ways To Break A Laptop - FAQ, King revealed that he was getting the Canon Vixia HF R600 and sold the iPhone to Koby. Koby was seen with the iPhone in WORST 4TH OF JULY EVER! VLOG #49 7-4-16. In READING MY WIKIA PAGE! VLOG #54 10-9-16 King revealed that Koby returned the iPhone due to a problem with the battery. He said what caused it is that Koby uses AT&T and that King uses Verizon. Koby gave back the iPhone and King sold it on eBay for the same price he sold to Koby.

Likes and Dislikes


  • King (Formerly)
  • Recording videos
  • Making out with King
  • TBA