"Did you just assume my gender?!?! Ugh, you cyberbully!" - Feminist Jones in 50 Ways To Break A Laptop

Basic Information

Feminist Jones is a character played by Plainrock124. She is a feminist who gets offended at certain things.


Feminist Jones has a childhood Sea World T-Shirt on her head to represent hair which is similar to King's Mom. In 50 WAYS TO BREAK A MACBOOK, she is shown to have dyed her hair blue. Her favorite social media network is Tumblr as seen in 50 WAYS TO BREAK A LAPTOP.


Feminist Jones is a stereotypical extreme feminist character. In all of her appearances she is seen getting triggered at certain things.


Feminist Jones made her debut in WELCOME TO HIGH SCHOOL where she is seen getting triggered at Plainrock124's shirt. She later had a role in 50 Ways To Break A Laptop where she is in the cyberbullying skit. There, she is showing women how to deal with cyberbullying which ends with her throwing her laptop and phone into a lake. In 50 WAYS TO BREAK A 3DS she is seen talking about women in video games and ends up getting triggered by Super Smash Bros, resulting in her throwing her 3DS into a frozen lake. in 50 WAYS TO BREAK A MACBOOK she is seen watching a video about how women drive a car and gets triggered by it. She tries to find the director but ends up running over the MacBook while backing out of the driveway. She is later seen throwing the MacBook at someone wearing a Meninist shirt.