King smashes a vacuum


I said I would only make videos again in April, but I could not pass to smash this. I wanted to so bad, that I had to use my 3DS camera (bad quality) to do it, so sorry for the bad quality! I REALLY AM SORRY


The video starts out with King finding a vacuum in the trash. He takes it out of the trash bin and starts hitting it with it's own tube. After that he takes the vacuum up the stairs and throws it down. He says that it was fun and decides to do it a few more times. The front of the vacuum falls off but he sees that it was supposed to. He takes the vacuum apart even more. After that he decides to throw the vacuum off the roof a couple times. He throws the front off it off the roof again. After throwing it off the roof a couple more times he describes how it broke, saying that it was sparking and that there was smoke coming out. He throws it off the roof again with dust flying out of the vacuum. He throws the vacuum off the roof some more and throws the two pieces at each other when he realizes there was a person watching him. After he sees the person he quickly throws the vacuum away and ends the video.



Item Destroyed Method of Destruction Destructor Final Result
Vacuum Thrown off roof multiple times Plainrock124 Broken


  • This video was recorded with King's 3DS which explains the poor video quality.
  • King did not use tools in this video.
  • King has had this vacuum for 10 years.
  • The thumbnail isn't accurate.