King smashes a PS2


Probably not going to do the Playstation 3 until it becomes cheaper, but until that, the 20th anniversary of Playstation continues with the Playstation 2!


King starts the episode with shouting out people from his class. After that he talks about how he bought a PS2 Slim instead of a PS2. He explained that the PS2 Slim was sexier and that he wanted to keep it. He then opens the disc tray and a copy of Sonic Boom falls out. He then says that he needs to smash it because it was "contaminated" and he throws it off a bridge into what looks like a sewage system. After that he puts it under a bus and it gets run over. He takes the Sonic Boom disc and smashes it. He tapes the PS2 top the wall and starts throwing a cell phone at it multiple times. The cell phone breaks and he uses a rock instead. After hitting the PS2 with a rock a few times he starts beating it with the cell phone's charger. When the charger breaks he uses a rock again. Then he puts the PS2 in a bucket and light's it on fire. A timelapse starts and he throws the remains of the cell phone in. He takes the items out and looks at the remains. The outro plays and he throws the PS2 against the wall and beats it with the cell phone.



Item Destroyed Method of Destruction Destructor Final Result
Sonic Boom Disc Hit with pruner Plainrock124 Shattered
Samsung Phone Thrown at PS2, Burnt Plainrock124 Incinerated, destroyed
PlayStation 2 Dropped in water, crushed under bus, hit with phone, hit with rock, hit with charger, burnt Plainrock124 Incinertated, destroyed


  • When King smashes the Sonic Boom disc the bucket made a sound similar to the Mario Theme song.
  • King said he would not smash the PS3 until it becomes cheaper
    • However King skipped the PS3 and smashed the PS4 instead.


  • When the cell phone broke he said that he would throw it one more time for "memories sake" but he throws it three times.
  • King spelled PlayStation 2 "Playstation 2"