King smashes a Playstation.


Little late but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PLAYSTATION! Here's your celebration!


The video starts with King sitting down to play with his Wii U. The Wii U beings to boot up but it cuts off and changes to a PlayStation boot up. King looks at the controller and sees that it has changed to a PlayStation controller. He throws the controller and looks at the Wii u, which has turned into a PlayStation. His game library turns into PlayStation games. King runs to the PlayStation and throws it. He then throws it into a bathtub filled with water. After this King introduces us to the video. During the intro King drops the PlayStation multiple times. King then tosses the PlayStation in the air multiple times. The PlayStation splits open upon impact. King then mounts it on a wall and throws a rock at it, breaking it even more. King then puts the PlayStation on a rusty grill. King begins hammering it on the grill making the top part of the grill fall. King continues hammering it on top of the grill. King starts hitting the grill with the PlayStation. After this he begins throwing it and stepping on it. He shows the mess to the audience and says he has to clean up. He puts the PlayStation on top of the swing and swings it. After this he throws it off a tree. The camera falls over right as he's throwing it. King goes back home and starts hammering the controller ports and memory card slots. King then puts the PlayStation on top of a cardboard box and hits it with the pruner. King sprays sunscreen on the PlayStation and attempts to burn it. He was not able to burn it and ends the video.



Item Destroyed Method of Destruction Destructor Final Result
PlayStation Thrown, thrown in water, hammered, dropped, hit with a rock, hit with a pruner, burned Plainrock124 Destroyed


  • This is the first time Plainrock124 smashes a video game console.
  • This is the first time King tries to burn something with sunscreen.
  • The games in the "PlayStation game library" are, A Fun G,ae, PS Royal Battle, Plainrock124 The Game, Another FPS 2, GTA North Korea, Kim Possible, Kim Kardashian, Big Little Planet, and Halo: Beyonce Edition.


  • PlayStation is spelled "Playstation" in the title.