King destroys an NES Classic Edition as well as partly Dell Monitor and IBM ThinkPad T42.


So rare! 💸 But is it breakable? A Nintendo Fanboy answers that question!


The video starts with King talking about the video. He then says he has something ''so rare that I will be the first one to destroy it on video''. A box appears with another NES Classic Edition destruction video, and a text that says ''I take it back...'' He shows the NES Classic Edition box then he hears whining sound effects and tells them to shut up. He says he does not do giveaways and gives a link to the video (WHY I DON'T DO GIVEAWAYS). He tells it's his and shows a version of King shows him doing work, then shows his iPhone SE with the Best Buy logo with a message saying ''lol you didn't get it, try again or just choose to pay attention in class!', then shows eBay listings of NES Classic Editions. He then says he won the lottery and they did not. King talks more and the intro starts. King starts unboxes to it and he dumps out everything. He decides to keep a controller, the box, and a poster. He also tosses the HDMI cable, then the generic Micro USB cable, then a generic power brick, and also gives away free My Nintendo points, then ends the unboxing with saying he will not keep the NES Classic Edition. He starts the NES Classic Edition then he plays Super Mario Bros, dies and turns it off, saying “Amazing!” He tells it's the only NES Classic Edition he has and he will not get another one. He talks more then says if he got another one he would just use it as a display piece or paperweight. A paperweight skit plays, then he starts the destruction. He drops it 3 feet, then 6 feet, then ''however high this is'', then throws it at the Dell Monitor, then the IBM ThinkPad T42, then does a ludicrous drop test, then he plays Super Mario Bros. 2, then hits it with the yellow hammer 2 times, then drops a rock on 2 times, then ends the destruction with obliterating it and pouring water on it, then the video ends with King telling everyone to leave their hate comment. He also shows everyone the damage.