King smashes his "MacBook" after pressure from his fans to do so.


My most requested Bored Smashing! Can this be it?


The video beings with King logging into his MacBook to check his YouTube comments. He sees the comments telling him to break the MacBook. King pulls out the pruner and is about to hit the MacBook, but he stops and says he can't do it. He looks out the window and decides to throw the MacBook out of the window. King pulls out the MacBook and is about to throw it out. King throws out a computer that looks similar to his MacBook. The video cuts off and King admits to throwing out a PowerBook G4 instead of the MacBook. King looks at the damage dealt to the PowerBook. After this King reenacts the scene from Marmaduke. The scene consists of the main character dropping his MacBook in the pool. King reenacts the scene by dropping the PowerBook in a tub of water. After this King pulls out the PowerBook and pours the tub of water onto it. The video skips one day and King says that he didn't want to break it. He thinks for a little bit and writes "Dell" on the Apple logo saying that he can break it. King throws the PowerBook onto a pile of rocks and shows the damage. King then throws the PowerBook onto some logs. He takes the screen and throws a rock on it. He cracks the screen and bends it. King takes the rest of the PowerBook and hits it against a tree. King shows the condition of the PowerBook and throws it into the air. King goes to the wall and throws the PowerBook across the park. He kicks the MacBook and takes off the keys. He throws it a couple more times and proceeds to burn it. King shows a time-lapse clip of the PowerBook getting burnt. King pours water onto it and shows the damage. King then begins hammering the PowerBook. King gives it a final blow before the video ends. After the outro, King shows what he did with they keys and shows him cleaning up.



Item Destroyed Method of Destruction Destructor Final Result
PowerBook G4 Thrown, hammered, drowned, hit with rock, burnt Plainrock124 Destroyed
Flip Mino HD Water poured on it Plainrock124 Still working


  • This is the first time King smashes an Apple product.
  • This is the first time King reenacts the scene from Marmaduke.
  • A Slenderman can be seen in the background at the 4:15 mark.
  • King still has the lid to the PowerBook G4 and has decorated it with stickers and uses it as an office decoration.