Plainrock124 smashes a Dell Inspiron 8000.


WINDOWS ME. 'Nuff Said. Before you say I wasted sooooooooo much money, I got it for 12 dollars on eBay...


The video begins when King's Mom gives King a laptop after King broke his toy laptop in his 200 subscriber special. King starts up his computer but it breaks so he throws it out the window multiple times. Later King was late for school so he drops his laptop. When he threw his laptop into a basketball net it gets stuck so he threw a rock at it. Later he rolled it down a hill. After that, he rides a scooter to school but the drop his laptop and run over it. King decides to burn the laptop. The video ends when King plays a prank on his sister.


Item Destroyed Method of Destruction Destructor Final Result
Dell Inspiron 8000 Thrown, Burned, Dropped, hit with rock and pruner Plainrock124 Destroyed