Plot: King smashes old home phones that had no purpose.

Summary: King couldn‘t find his phone for some reason and takes everything out in his room like his closet, his desk and His other desk. He uses Find My iPhone To play a sound to find his phone. He later found out the sound was coming from A house phone on a small table in the familly room. He was mad wondering why it was coming from the house phone. Later on he smacked the phone on the ground then the phone charging dock showed his phone for 0.5 seconds back and forth. King realized and was confused if he was seeing his iPhone. So he smacked again and realized that he has to break the phone to reverse the curse of this home phone hiding King’s iPhone. After he smashed one, he went to check if his iPhone was there and there was another home phone. So he smashed the dock and the other phone. After that, he sees his iPhone where the home phone was and was so happy. During his happiness, he dropped the iPhone and realized that if he broke modern tech, What does he get and the oldest phone shows up and King was not happy at all.