His parents give him 2 pieces of tech that they no longer need.

Summary: King says that he‘s going to smash a Nintendo DS and an Apple TV, but from China!

Then he mentions them.

The first item was The TVPad3 Which was a box that streamed TV channels and other stuff. Then someone decided to make it illegal and cannot connect to any servers. But King says there's YouTube on it. Plainrocky123 says "But Plainrocky123, why can't you keep it and use it for YouTube videos?" Then Plainrock124 says thats it's not like other other devices can stream YouTube, or do it better. (Which were Xbox 360,Wii U,ETC)

Then he says “It's just such a shame, I was gonna do a really cool gag where I just pull up a bunch of YouTubers videos and mock them, while I try to break it...”