Plainrock124 reviews a 20 dollar camcorder and smashes it.




King starts the video with saying that the video was supposed to be Bored Smashing - GROCERY STORE PHONES! Episode 4 but he says that his sister lost her iPhone at school and that he gave her the grocery store phone, and he unboxed it very carefully so he could do a proper unboxing. He then says that he's tired of buying something to smash and having a tech YouTuber say that they're gonna review it. After that he unboxes the camcorder violently. He first reviews the appearance of the camcorder and how it doesn't match what it looks like on the box. He sees that the screen isn't defective unlike TechnoBuffalo's screen. He tries to format the card but is unsucessful so he uses his Canon format the card. After that he talks about the lens and how it is low quality. He also talks about the zoom and the different modes. He plays around with the different settings of the camcorder for a little bit. After that he starts testing the quality of the video and photos. He starts doing a comparison with the camcorder and his Canon. On the third comparison he drops the camcorder. When he picks it back up he sees that the screen looks like the one TechnoBuffalo got. Then he says that video comparisons are boring and wants to do a smashing comparison. So King throws down the Olympus FE 170 and says he would smash it. He takes its two last photos. After that he records a video with it saying that there is no microphone on the camera. He first starts hitting it with the Hammer. He plugs it in to see if it works, which it doesn’t, and explains why the camera has a lot of scratches. He then starts smashing the camera with the Bat, destroying it. After smashing it he says that he isn't satisfied with smashing just a camera and he kicks down the camcorder. Before he smashed it he did a shower test on the camcorder. The camcorder then starts glitching so he submerges it in water. He smashes the LCD screen and breaks it. After that he smashes the camcorder with the bat and destroys it completely. He burns both the camcorder and the camera. The outro plays and he realized that the setup disc fell out and he smashes it.



Item Destroyed Method of Destruction Destructor Final Result
Jazz Camcorder Dropped, Kicked over, Put in shower, Submerged in water, Hit with hammer, Hit with bat, Burned Plainrock124 Destroyed
Olympus FE 170 Hit with hammer, Hit with bat, Burned Plainrock124 Destroyed


  • The camcorder actually cost $18 instead of $20
  • An iPhone wasn't used to film at all in this video.


  • King said that he would take one last photo with the Olympus FE 170, but he actually takes two.