he's doing dares for 3000 subs! dare 1. "I dare to prank your mom" king shows that he got a B+ to king's mom she (he) says "I kill you!" king says "no mom no! it's a prank! it's a prank!" she says "what! it was a just stupid prank! do you know how much trouble I can get with Child Protective Services? I kill you!" *king screams* dare 2. "I dare you to curse at your phone then kiss it and says sorry :D" king says "Hey Siri". then king says "fuck you" (censored) siri says "I'd never speak to you that way. King." *king gasps* king says "i'm sorry. let's never fight again." *puts iphone in mouth* random guy says "I've been really tryin' siri (I've been really tryin' baby)" dare 3. "I DARE YOU TO SEARCH do a barrel roll ON GOOGLE" *searchs do a barrel roll* *google does a barrel roll* *spits milk or some other white liquid* dare 4. "I dare you to go out looking like a nerd" *goes outside* *some song plays* *mature 17+ rating shows* *text "BEFORE" text shows* *goes outside again* king says in his nerd voice "hey guys" then he says in his normal voice "wait I look the same wait" *text "AFTER" shows* *early childhood rating shows* he says for a split second "fuck" dare 5. do parkour king says "speed I am speed" king says "parkour!" *king jumps on a rock* king says "parkour!" again *king jumps on a tiny ledge* king says "parkour!" again *king jumps in a bush* king says "porque!" *porque shows* king says "parkour!" again *king jump on and off a trash can* king says "parkour?" *shows kings damage* *fast blinking red text "TOO DANGEROUS AND UNSAFE FOR SOCIETY"* dare 6. do ice bucket challenge.